30 Minutes eCommerce Career Q&A

30 Minutes eCommerce Career Q&A

30 Minutes eCommerce Career Q&A

The perfect session for you if you have a specific questions or areas of your eCommerce career that you would like robust feedback and advice on. This usually takes the form of:

- Advice on how to maximise the value from a recent offer.

- A positive, affirming pep talk to make sure you are fully prepared for the job interview.

- A quick review of your CV to ensure it has all the ingredients necessary to secure an interview.

- Impartial and experienced advice on an external job offer or internal opportunity.

Who is it for?

You will have eCommerce experience and be looking for your next dream role in the world of eCommerce. 

Who would be unsuitable for this session?

Someone with no professional eCommerce experience.

What to expect?

When you book your session you will select a time slot. I will send you an email before the session with a zoom link and some questions on what you would like to achieve in your career session. Please work on the universal principle of “asking for what you want” and provide as much detail as you can. We may not achieve it all, but it will help me prepare for our session and ensure that we maximise the value of your time.

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